Alysa Freeman – Jewellery

Alysa Freeman is a mixed-media jewellery maker, living and working in Devon.

The current collection we are showing is crafted from recycled newspaper and silver. She says of her work:

“Newspaper is ephemeral, losing value in hours. Through a process of compression and manipulation, I am fabricating a new material which can be worked; transmuting waste into hand-crafted jewellery. Sustainability is at the centre of my practise. Using newspaper also allows me to explore my relationship with text. For most people, the presence of text invites them to seek meaning. However, as a dyslexic maker, I perceive text as texture.

I have developed a technique to compress paper, and abrade the surface revealing complex layers of print reading in reverse, crossing-over, conjoining and intermingled. The meaning and context of the word is lost, inviting the viewer to see text as I do – not immediately intelligible.”

Visit the online shop to view details of Alysa’s works I have for sale by mail order.