A sad day, but I’m optimistic for the future…

Like many high street businesses I’ve been wondering whether/how long to keep the Gallery open. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been taking extra precautions, keeping surfaces clean, not getting too close to customers, taking contactless card payment where possible.

Today however, with the Totnes High Street deserted as the public are clearly heeding the advice, very sensibly, to limit contact to that which is essential, it felt that the only responsible option was to close to visitors for the fore-seeable future.

On the positive side – this situation as made me focus on building the e-commerce side of my website so that customers can purchase by mail order, and this is now up and running – with free UK mainland delivery on all items listed.

I’ve had such a great first seven weeks of trading since I opened the Eastgate Gallery in early February, that I am confident that once we are over the worst of this and businesses can re-open, I will be able to pick-up where I left off and it will be better than ever.

So to whet your appetite here are some of the latest pieces (and they are available to buy online): Gorgeous whale tail spoons by Rosie Brewer, and ceramics from Janie Ramsay – both local Devon makers.

Inspiration behind the work

I am so enjoying feeling informative, and talking about the work of all the various artists to visitors in the gallery. It is really satisfying when I can explain something that perhaps the customer hadn’t realised about the techniques used in the creation of the artworks. Occasionally I am asked something that I don’t know the answer to – which is my cue to ask the artist so that I do know next time!

The jewellery of printmaker and jewellery designer Zoë Needle is proving really popular, and customers are intrigued when they found out about the inspiration behind her “wearable arts” collections. These pieces below are from her U-Bahn series, and were inspired by a trip to Berlin – and the colours and atmosphere of the vibrant city. The shapes you can see are actually miniature original woodcuts, finished with non-toxic paint.

More new work..

Having admired his work for some time, it was great to meet printmaker Richard Shimell today – and exciting to take delivery of several prints for the gallery. I enjoy working out how and where to display pieces to best effect. I’ll need to do some re-arranging and then they’ll be on display in a day or two.

This is one of my favourites – its called ‘To the Sea’ and is based on a walk near to Coleton Fishacre in South Devon. I get a real sense of anticipation that the sea is just about to come into view over the horizon.