Beardsley Bug – Scarab by Alison Cameron


‘Beardsley Bug – Scarab’ clip tie by Alison Cameron.

Papier mache.

76mm x 140mm.





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Probably best described as ‘fine art’ jewellery, Alison Cameron uses 3D paper forms that she makes as her ‘canvas’. Made from recycled paper and card, Alison creates her striking pieces of jewellery in papier mache techniques which give the work versatility, strength and lightness. In addition, and where appropriate, she adds braids that she makes with organic linen using the Japanese technique of kumihimo.

Alison was inspired at the outset of lockdown, by a suggestion of ‘black and white’; Aubrey Beardsley; and a fascination with cabinets of curiosities.   She set herself a personal challenge to expand the idea of the ‘bolo’ (or western tie as they are also known) to another level.  The result is this lovely collection of intriguing and versatile “Beardsley Bugs’.