Earrings by Lucy Behrens


Sencha earrings by Lucy Behrens

These are made from recycled sterling silver with a brushed finish.

Diameter approx. 20mm.

Packaged in a smart gift box.



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Lucy Behrens is a contemporary jewellery designer and maker based in Dartington near Totnes, here in Devon.

Lucy has a background in printmaking and photography and a particular interest in the overlap of these two media. She grew up in London and worked as a photographer there, before recognising the need to make tangible ‘things’ again. Making jewellery filled the space for both the hand and eye.

She is passionate about design, working materials by hand, resulting in beautiful harmonious forms that need nothing added or taken away. Balance and composition are integral to each piece. She is always looking for new ways to put form and function together, with delicate textural surfaces and misty matte finishes.