‘Fly by Bumblebee’ Mosaic Sculpture by Kate Rattray


‘Fly by Bumblebee’ mosaic sculpture by Kate Rattray.

Head to tail 20cm, wingspan 41cm.  The depth of the whole sculpture including the fairy is 20cm.


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After living and working in Somerset for 21 years, Kate has returned to her home county of Devon.  She is inspired by nature and mythology to create bold and dynamic glass and ceramic mosaic artworks.

“Throughout the years I have used various techniques to make my work, such as using the edge of strips of stained glass and setting them indirectly to show the streaks found in the glass. Another technique is using the grout as a design element, as if I am “drawing in grout.

During lockdown I made ‘Fly by Bumblebee’ and ‘Travel by Dragonfly ‘ as part of a new collection of work called A WAY TO ESCAPE. ‘The Rat Comes Too’ is a new addition to the collection.  I designed the sculptures whilst day dreaming, imagining ways to escape lockdown, ways I could be ‘soaring above’  it all. I was a wild fairy exploring new lands, finding solace in nature from a different angle.”